A shocking incident occurred when a 'human finger' was found inside a hamburger sold at a hamburger restaurant in Bolivia.

According to local media on the 14th local time, Estephanie Benitez, a customer who was eating a hamburger at a 'Hot Burger' store in Santa Cruz de Sierra, Bolivia, suddenly felt misunderstood and chewed on the bones from the hamburger.

Benitez spit the hamburger in his mouth. Then, a foreign substance with a shape similar to a human finger was mixed in.

Benitez immediately protested by taking the object to the counter, and took out his cell phone to record evidence.

The store demanded, "Stop filming," but Benitez did not stop filming the video, saying, "When something like this happens, everyone just tries to get away. You want to leave evidence."

In an interview with a local media outlet, Benitez said, "The store said 'I will return the money' and then suddenly turned off all the store lights and made a gesture as if they were closing the door." “We started taking orders again,” he said.

After arguing with the store, Benitez eventually went to the police directly with an unidentified object.

The next day, the police officially confirmed that the foreign object brought by Benitez was a 'human finger'.

When a human finger came out of a hamburger, local police launched an investigation.

Police discovered that an employee who was making the patties had an accident in which the fingers were amputated.

Bolivia's deputy minister of consumer protection, Jorge Silva, confirmed that "there was an industrial accident at the hamburger store where an employee lost two fingers."

A hamburger company said, "There was an accident, but all beef handled by the employee with the cut off finger was disposed of."

However, it is reported that he later admitted that "the foreign object found in the hamburger was the finger of the employee who suffered the accident."

▲ The entrance to the hamburger shop that was ordered to close

Bolivian authorities have immediately closed the hamburger store in question and are investigating the cause of the accident.

Meanwhile, Benitez, who accidentally bit a human finger while eating a hamburger, is complaining of trauma.

He said, "I can't sleep at night, and when I'm awake, my stomach is upset," he said. "I've been suffering from trauma since the incident."

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(Photo=Facebook 'Estefany Benitez', YouTube 'Noticias Bolivia.')