• Vaccino, Figliuolo: "From September 20, third dose for the frail"

  • Vaccines, Lombardy: 80% of over 12s with a full cycle.

    The third dose starts

  • Over 40 million vaccinated: almost three out of 4 Italians are immunized against covid


14 September 2021 Commissioner Figliuolo had announced it, on 20 September we start with the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. 

Now comes the circular from the ministry to regulate times and categories that will be able to access the third additional dose. The circular distinguishes between 'additional' doses and so-called 'booster' doses. By additional dose, we read, "we mean an additional dose of vaccine to complete the primary vaccination course, administered in order to achieve an adequate level of immune response". By "booster" dose, on the other hand, "we mean a booster dose after the completion of the primary vaccination cycle, after a certain time interval, administered in order to maintain or restore an adequate level of immune response over time, in particular in populations characterized by a high risk, for conditions of fragility that are associated with the development of serious disease,or even fatal, or due to occupational exposure ".

The additional dose of vaccine will be given at least 28 days after the last dose. It starts with transplant patients.

The 'booster' dose, unlike the additional one, will be administered after 6 months defining the strategy in favor of further groups including fragile and higher risk for occupational exposure.

At the moment, according to the indications of the CTS, the circular specifies, "the administration of the additional dose is considered a priority in transplanted and immunocompromised subjects".

Ten categories

There are 10 categories of patients who will be able to receive a third 'additional' dose of the anti-Covid vaccine: solid organ transplant recipients in immunosuppressive therapy; hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; waiting for organ transplant; T cell based therapies; oncological pathology; primary immunodeficiencies; secondary immunodeficiencies; dialysis and severe chronic renal failure; previous splenectomy.

A list that can be updated

Without prejudice to the priority of achieving high vaccination coverage with the completion of currently authorized courses, "the strategy for administering a" booster "dose of m-RNA vaccine (Comirnaty di BioNTech / Pfizer and Spikevax di Moderna) will be defined in favor of further target groups, starting with those mentioned above, taking into account the scientific evidence and the evolution of the epidemiological scenario ".