China News Service, September 14th. According to Japanese media reports, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan announced on the 12th that a bottle of Pfizer vaccine was found at the new crown vaccination venue with foreign matter, which is about 1 mm of white suspended solids, which has been delivered. survey.

  According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), when the pharmacist put the needle into the bottle to dilute the vaccine, he found that there was a white suspended substance in the vaccine bottle, about 1 mm in size, and the city of Kamakura decided to stop the vaccine that found the foreign body.

  According to reports, the batch number of the vaccine in which the foreign body was found was FF5357, and other vaccines of the same batch number were not found to be abnormal visually, and continued to be used.

  Kamakura City stated that no one has suffered any health damage due to this, and has contacted Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and handed it over to the company for investigation.

  Japan has recently discovered multiple incidents of foreign matter mixed in vaccine bottles, including three batches of unopened Modena vaccines from mid-August. Metal particles visible to the naked eye were found to be mixed. After investigation, it was judged that it should be stainless steel scraps from the production line machine. .

Gunma and Okinawa counties successively found foreign bodies in different batches of Modena vaccine bottles at the end of August; Okinawa Prefecture also found foreign bodies in Pfizer vaccines at the end of August.