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    Beijing: "Working together for common challenges"

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    Green light to the Italian Plan, Draghi: "Moment of pride"


September 14, 2021 "Relations between Italy and Germany are strong and deep: the two countries share the same strategic objective, the completion of the European integration process". Thus Mario Draghi in the video message with which he spoke at the 15th Italian-German Economic Forum in Cernobbio. "I find very appropriate the motto that the Chamber of Commerce has chosen to celebrate its centenary:" Growing Together ", said the Prime Minister." After the tragedies of the pandemic, we want to proceed together on a path of rapid, inclusive and sustainable. A stronger Europe from an economic, diplomatic and military point of view is the only way to have a stronger Italy and a stronger



Germany and Italy, a bond destined to strengthen

"Germany and Italy are the manufacturing engine of the European Union. About half of its industrial production comes from our factories. From mechanics to means of transport, we are often a single value chain - a tangible sign of the advantages of the single market and of monetary union. Germany is in fact the first trading partner for Italy. In 2020, trade between the two countries amounted to 116 billion euros, more than Italy's trade with the United States and China combined. Germany trades more with Lombardy than with Turkey. And Italy trades more with Bavaria than with the whole of Poland. Our prosperity and well-being largely depend on being united, "said Draghi.

"The link between our economies is destined to strengthen. I am thinking, for example, of the Important Projects of Common European Interest, to which we allocate 1.5 billion in the Pnrrr. The microelectronics project sees us collaborating in the strategic semiconductor sector. We have already collected many expressions of interest and we intend to make it an area of ​​long-term collaboration between our countries. This is a very favorable moment for relations between Italy and Germany. We must strengthen our cooperation mechanisms within the European Union. together, in the interest of businesses and all citizens. With this wish, I wish you a fruitful meeting and I thank you for your commitment ", he added.

Dragons: "Ambitious goals but compatible with the economy "

"This year's forum focuses on the themes of sustainability, digitization and interconnection between our economies. These are challenges that the European Union has decided to tackle with an innovative tool: the Next Generation EU. A program that represents a unique opportunity for the development of our countries and for the strengthening of the Union. We both have dedicated about 40% of our resources to the ecological transition. We want to accelerate the commitment to decarbonization, reduce emissions and focus on cutting-edge technologies like hydrogen, on which there is a structured collaboration at European level. The timing of this process must be ambitious, but compatible with the adaptability of our economies ".  

The state must be ready to help citizens and businesses in dealing with the costs of this complex transformation "linked to the Next Generation EU," said the premier, explaining that at least one fifth of the funds of the Next Generation EU program is destined for the digital transition. companies to innovate and make life easier for citizens. We aim to modernize the public sector, starting with schools and hospitals in depressed areas. To spread digital knowledge, so that they are a tool for social mobility and overcoming inequalities ", he added.

Merkel: "Friendship and solidarity between Germany and Italy"

"Since 1921 the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce has done a lot to ensure that our two countries grow together". Italy and Germany "benefit from this close partnership". This is what German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in the video message sent to the XV Italian-German Economic Forum in Cernobbio.

"These days good and trusting cooperation is more important than ever", Merkel added, underlining that "the Coronavirus pandemic, especially at the beginning, hit Italy very hard. At the same time it also highlighted friendship. and the solidarity that bind Germany and Italy ". "Today, more and more people are vaccinated: this is a reason for cautious optimism. The economy is also recovering and together we are working to allow Europe to get out of the crisis well. In doing so, we aim above all at digitization and sustainability as decisive factors to ensure that we Europeans can also be successful in the future ", continued Merkel.