• EU, infringement against Hungary and Poland for LGBTQ discrimination

  • Hungary.

    Von der Leyen: anti LGBT law "is shameful".

    And warns: "Ready for infringement procedure"


September 14, 2021 The European Union must remove all obstacles LGBTIQ people face in exercising their fundamental rights and ensure that marriages or partnerships registered in one Member State are recognized in all EU countries. This is what the MEPs requested in a resolution approved by the plenary assembly of the European Parliament with 387 votes in favor, 161 against and 123 abstentions.

In the text, MEPs urge all Member States to recognize as legal parents the adults mentioned in a child's birth certificate and to recognize the right to family reunification for same-sex couples and their families to avoid the risk that their children become stateless if their families move within the EU.   

Finally, MEPs underline the discrimination faced by LGBTIQ communities in Poland and Hungary and, in this regard, ask the Commission to take further actions such as infringement procedures, judicial measures or balancing tools against these countries.