Discretionary traffic violations that raise controversy and allow the perpetrator the right to object

The General Advocate, Head of the Traffic and Traffic Prosecution in Dubai, Counselor Salah Bourousha Al Falasi, said that there are some discretionary violations that the Public Prosecution receives many questions about, such as racing on a public road, as the value of the violation and its consequences vary if it was just over speeding or considered racing, 

He added, in response to "Emirates Today" during a seminar organized by the Community Development Authority yesterday on controversial discretionary absentee violations that drivers object to, that among these violations is failure to adhere to the mandatory lane, deviation or any of the discretionary absentee violations that the policeman edits, pointing out that The driver has the right to object to the Public Prosecution Office, which takes specific measures to ascertain the violation, so it listens to the person who issued the violation, and reviews the tools he issued on the basis of it, such as recordings of cameras or traffic control devices, until they are fully verified.

He stressed the need for the driver to have proof of the error of the violation before he objects to it, noting that there are controls that control the registration of aggravated violations, such as driving recklessly and endangering the lives of others, the fine of which reaches the vehicle impoundment for two months and 23 traffic points, and pointed out that the traffic law gave The policeman has the right to register the violation, while at the same time giving the driver the right to object.

He explained that some minor violations according to the fine, such as not complying with the mandatory lane, or sudden deviation, may amount to recklessness, if they are associated with certain practices, such as suddenly and deliberately overtaking in front of others, and he stressed that there are controls that the Traffic Prosecution is keen to apply before tightening These violations, and they may require the editor of violations to listen to the circumstances of his registration, to ensure that the law is applied fairly, and to determine the responsibility of each party.

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