Some mistakes are unforgettable, especially when it becomes an issue of public opinion and one of the most famous scandals of the 1990s, which was embodied in the affair that brought together former US President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

More than 23 years after Clinton and Lewinsky's relationship was announced, FX has announced its new series Impeachment: American Crime Story, which reveals more details about the scandal that threatened to bring down a president The most powerful country in the world.

anger and revenge

The events begin in 1998 with a scene from the life of Lewinsky, a 22-year-old young woman, who was playing sports when she received a phone call from a woman named Linda Trip, telling her that she had found a solution to her problem and asking to meet her, but when she went to her, she found agents from the Federal Office They take her to a hotel room for interrogation.

Then the events go back to 1993 in the White House and follow the story of Tripp, who was working as a secretary to one of the White House advisers, but was later transferred to work in the Ministry of Defense "Pentagon", and a volunteer assistant was appointed in her place, which Clinton had previously admired, what Tripp was so angry, she left her job, hatred and anger filled her heart, and vowed to return and take revenge.

Monica Lewinsky from the series "Impeachment: An American Crime Story" (social networking sites)

Lewinsky is not the first

Then the events move to 1994, to present the story of an employee in Arkansas named Paula Jones, who was sexually harassed by Clinton, when his guards informed her that he wanted her in his hotel room, and when he went to him, the incident occurred, and Paula did not accept that what happened without receiving A formal apology from him, so she filed a lawsuit against him.

Paula's story takes another turn when a group of politicians decide to use the harassment case to remove Clinton from office, then decide to appoint Paula's top lawyers to take up her case and seek to convict the president.

From a love story to a war zone

The narration of events goes back to the day Tripp and Lewinsky met in 1996, when Tripp had been in the Pentagon for nearly two years, and she seemed to despair because of her new job that she still hates, in addition to feeling let down by the way she was fired from her work from the White House after years. Of sincerity and dedication.

Here Tripp remembered her previous meeting with literary agent Lucien Goldberg, who offered her to publish a book about what she witnessed in the White House, but she refused to reveal the secrets of her colleagues, after what she had lived through during the past two years, then Tripp felt that she was finally ready to write her testimony, but this time did not What she knew wasn't enough, and Goldberg asked her to look up something that no one had previously known.

Meanwhile, Linda meets Monica, who was recently transferred to the Pentagon from the White House, and is scheduled to be returned to Washington after Clinton was elected to a second term within months. It was as if she had found a treasure that she did not want to let go, and began to approach her to know more about her, and to convey to the writer these secrets.

At the end of the first episode, Linda appears talking with Goldberg to bring her the news that she has found a secret that no one knows, while Lewinsky waits for a phone call with great concern, and here Clinton appears for the first time talking to his girlfriend and asking her how her first day in exile was.

During the upcoming episodes, more secrets about Lewinsky and Clinton's relationship will be revealed.

How it began and ended, how it affected the rest of Lewinsky's life and until now, and how politicians took advantage of the romance beyond that, turning it from a romantic relationship to a war and an attempt to remove him from office.

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break the silence

Lewinsky remained silent for more than a year after revealing her affair with Clinton, especially after the president abandoned her and falsely stated that he was not in a relationship with her, before publicly apologizing afterwards, admitting that he "was wrong."

But Lewinsky decided in 1999 to break her silence, and went out in a long-awaited interview with announcer Barbara Walters on ABC, and after that interviews continued, until her story became a symbol of transcendence and acceptance of past mistakes.

The series consists of 8 episodes, and is the third part of the “American Crime Story” series produced by the “FX” network, each part of which consists of a different true story, and “Netflix” now shows the first two parts, and from It is scheduled to show the last part after the end of its presentation on "FX" first.

It stars Sarah Paulson as Tripp, Benny Feldstein as Lewinsky, Annalee Ashford as Paula, Margo Martindale as Lucian, Eddie Falco as Hillary Clinton, and Cliff Owen as Bill Clinton.