The Vallée community pool in Cany-Barville (Seine-Maritime) was evacuated on Monday on suspicion of a gas leak.

Alerted, the firefighters intervened around 2:30 p.m. to take care of 50 people on the scene, reports 76 Actu.

About twenty rescuers, including a team specializing in chemical risks, were mobilized.

A boiler room problem

The suspicious odor was identified from the facility's boiler room.

A GRDF technician also traveled but did not observe any leaks.

"The incident stems from a poor adjustment of the boiler room," said the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service 76. It was shut down while repairs were to be carried out.

The swimming pool was closed for 48 hours and eight people were laid off, says France 3 Normandie.

As for the evacuees, two were examined by firefighters for headaches but their condition did not require hospitalization.

All were able to return to their homes after the incident.


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