The Marengo trial will resume on Tuesday.

In addition to the main suspect Ridouan T., sixteen other suspects are also on trial for involvement in various murders, attempts to do so or the preparation for it.

Our court reporter Joris Peters was on hand for an hour to answer all your questions about the case and about his work.

A_Westerveen: The sentence from the Public Prosecution Service is usually higher than the judge's ruling.

Does the Public Prosecution Service always demand a slightly higher sentence on purpose because the Public Prosecution Service knows that the judge almost always grants a lower sentence?

"That is not a tactic. The Public Prosecution Service is demanding a punishment based on the conviction that it is right about everything it has put forward. A court takes a more nuanced look at this and also takes the defense's story into account. difference in punishment."

MesScherp: To what extent are recent events included in the sessions?

(Murder of Peter R. de Vries, danger of terrorism

RTL Boulevard


There are many signals pointing in the direction of T..

Do you expect anything more from that?

"The court will consider the death of Peter R. de Vries, but Ridouan T. is not currently being prosecuted for the murder of De Vries. So it will certainly play a role because of course it does have an impact on the process, but beyond that."

Antonius1: Are you not running any risk yourself by writing about this case?

"You can never rule it out completely, but there is a difference between a crime reporter and a court reporter. I only report when someone is in prison and crime reporters do more research on criminals who are still at large."

Luneau: Do you always agree with the sentence imposed by the judge or are there sometimes cases where you do not agree with the judge?

Do Dutch judges impose relatively heavy or light sentences in the Netherlands, compared to other countries?

And is it true that recidivism is lower with TBS than with prison sentences?

"As a journalist I don't have an opinion, but as a person I can sometimes think that a punishment is too heavy or too light. That is especially in cases where a lot of emotion is involved. us. Not everyone knows that, so it's good of you to ask that question. And people who are treated are often less inclined to make the mistake again than those who don't."

Juanito: Why can't this whole process be handled faster?

It now seems that the suspects are given ample time to put considerable pressure on witnesses through attacks on lawyers and confidential advisers.

"I agree with you that this is all taking a very long time. That has to do with a number of things. Among other things, there were more and more suspicions and therefore also a lot of suspects. In addition, unexpected things always happen, which means that these kinds of lawsuits still happen. take longer and then there is also a shortage of space, because there are not many secure courts that can accommodate so many suspects and in the meantime the Eris trial and the MH17 trial have also started."

MyTheory: Why is Ridouan always called by his last name on TV and other media and not Ridouan T. like here?

It strikes me that other suspects are mentioned with only the first letter of the last name.

"The name of Ridouan T. has been fully disclosed by the police and the judiciary because he was a fugitive for a long time and they were looking for him. We have the rule that if someone is arrested, we respect his or her privacy. We can deviate from this if the person himself has no problem with it if we mention the name in full. Others will say that the full name of Ridouan T. is already widely known and it is pointless to anonymize it now."

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