Young people can anonymously hand in a knife or other stabbing weapon in more than two hundred municipalities between 11 and 17 October, the Ministry of Justice and Security reported on Monday.

Moreover, anyone who hands in a knife will not be punished.

This is a national collection campaign aimed at combating knife ownership among young people.

The police and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) are participating in the campaign "Drop your knife and do something with your life".

In some municipalities it is also possible to hand in a firearm during that week.

The Netherlands has a total of 352 municipalities.

Some places already have their own local collections.

It is forbidden to have a (stabbing) weapon in your pocket.

This applies to all kinds of knives.

"From stilettos to potato peelers", emphasizes outgoing minister Ferd Grapperhaus of Justice and Security.

Police increasingly confiscate knives from young people

The police have confiscated more and more knives and other stabbing weapons from young people in recent years.

In 2020, this involved more than 1,500 objects, compared to 486 in, for example, 2017. According to the police, more teenagers were also involved in stabbing incidents.

Meanwhile, Grapperhaus is working on a law to ban the sale of legal knives to minors.

That bill will be consulted at the end of this year, the minister wrote on Monday.

This means that people can give their opinion about the plan before the proposal goes to the House of Representatives and the Senate.

In the meantime, Grapperhaus is consulting with large retail chains about how they can ensure that fewer knives are sold to young people.

Police increasingly find knives in teenagers

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