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  [While learning is in progress] On September 9, President Xi Jinping attended the 13th meeting of the leaders of the BRICS countries via video and delivered an important speech.

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  On September 9th, President Xi Jinping attended the 13th BRICS Leaders’ Meeting via video and delivered an important speech.

  This meeting is an important summit attended by Xi Jinping after celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of my country, and it is also a major diplomatic action of our country.

"Four Pushes" to make the BRIC giant ship stable and far-reaching

  At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still raging around the world, the recovery of the world economy is difficult and tortuous, and the evolution of the international order is profound and complicated.

In the face of high winds and rapid waves, and facing many challenges, how should the BRIC giant ship, which is changing in the world, be stable and far-reaching?

  Xi Jinping pointed out the course. He emphasized that in the face of challenges, the BRICS countries must show responsibility, make positive contributions to world peace and development, and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

  The time we live in is a time full of challenges as well as a time full of hope.

To cope with global challenges and focus on the sustainable development of mankind, we must carry out global action, global response, and global cooperation.

  In November last year, at the twelfth meeting of the leaders of the BRICS, Xi Jinping deeply analyzed the global situation and put forward five "persistences."

He called on the BRICS countries to consider the well-being of their people, uphold the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, and use practical actions to make due contributions to building a better world.

  At the thirteenth meeting, Xi Jinping put forward four "promotions", which further pointed out the future development goals of BRICS cooperation and the responsibilities of the BRICS countries as a "community" of interests and actions:

  -We must promote the practice of true multilateralism.

  ——We must promote global solidarity to fight the epidemic.

  ——We must promote the growth of open innovation.

  ——We must promote common development.

  The BRICS countries breathe and share fate.

In the current situation, a heavy responsibility lies on the shoulders. To implement the above goals, it is even more necessary to anchor the course. Xi Jinping also gave a detailed and specific explanation on this:

  "Strictly abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and safeguard the international system with the United Nations as the core and the international order based on international law."

  "Promote the development, production, and fair distribution of vaccines as a global public product."

  "Maintain the multilateral trading system based on the World Trade Organization, and let the latest achievements of scientific and technological development benefit all countries."

  "Actively respond to climate change, promote a green and low-carbon transition, and jointly build a clean and beautiful world."


  Over the years, the BRICS countries have forged ahead on the road of common development and steadily promoted pragmatic cooperation in various fields.

Xi Jinping pointed out that facts have proved that no matter what difficulties we encounter, as long as we think in one place and work hard in one place, BRICS cooperation can move forward steadily.

Five-point initiative to promote higher-quality and pragmatic cooperation between BRICS

  Pragmatic cooperation is the foundation of BRICS cooperation.

Xi Jinping put forward deeper expectations for practical cooperation among BRICS countries.

He emphasized, "Under the current situation, we must strengthen our convictions, strengthen unity, and promote BRICS practical cooperation towards higher quality."

  To make "higher quality" the development direction of BRICS practical cooperation and continuously improve the quality of BRICS, Xi Jinping put forward five suggestions:

  - Persist in helping each other in the same boat and strengthening public health cooperation.

  ——Insist on fairness and accessibility and strengthen international cooperation in vaccines.

  -Persist in mutual benefit and win-win results and strengthen economic cooperation.

  -Uphold fairness and justice and strengthen political and security cooperation.

  ——Insist on mutual learning and mutual learning, and strengthen people-to-people exchanges and cooperation.

  These five "persistences" are China's proposals from a global perspective to promote the continuous deepening and solidification of BRICS cooperation.

  From the establishment of the BRICS Vaccine R&D Center to the holding of the 2021 BRICS Traditional Medicine Seminar, from the first expansion of the "Circle of Friends" by the BRICS New Development Bank, to the launch of the BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership Xiamen Innovation Base... Regarding the changes in the century and the epidemic of the century, China has been stepping up the implementation of various relevant measures in an orderly manner, continuously injecting impetus into BRICS cooperation and global development and stability.

  Facing the future, Xi Jinping put forward practical measures to benefit the people of the five countries:

  ——We must strengthen cooperation in traditional medicine and provide more means to fight the epidemic.

  ——We must implement the "BRICS Economic Partnership Strategy 2025" and expand cooperation in trade and investment, technological innovation, and green and low-carbon fields.

  ——China proposes to hold the BRICS High-level Meeting on Climate Change and the BRICS Sustainable Development Big Data Forum.

  ——China proposes to establish the BRICS Vocational Education Alliance, hold a vocational skills competition, and build a platform for exchanges and cooperation for vocational colleges and enterprises in the five countries.


  All kinds of pragmatic measures, covering politics, economy, and humanities, are full of Xi Jinping's expectations and confidence in promoting the steady and long-term BRIC cooperation.

China has always been an active builder, promoter, and innovator of the BRICS cooperation mechanism.

Fifteen years of cooperation, the Chinese imprint on the BRICS has become even more eye-catching

  Those who are aware change with time, and those who know are subject to change.

  This year marks the 15th anniversary of the BRICS cooperation.

Xi Jinping emphasized that on the road of advancing BRICS cooperation, we must adapt to the changes of the times and keep pace with the times.

  Since 2013, Xi Jinping has attended the BRICS leaders’ meeting for 9 consecutive years and delivered important speeches. Although the theme of each speech was different, they all placed the hope of making the BRICS more vigorous and benefiting the people of all countries.

Xi Jinping has left a deep China mark in the process of BRICS cooperation.

  Xi Jinping pointed out that the five countries adhere to openness and inclusiveness, treat each other as equals, enhance strategic communication and political mutual trust, respect each other's social systems and development paths, and constantly explore the correct way of getting along with each other; adhere to pragmatic innovation, win-win cooperation, and align development policies. , Give full play to complementary advantages, steadily promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and move forward on the road of common development; adhere to fairness and justice, stand up to others, support multilateralism, participate in global governance, and become an important force that cannot be ignored on the international stage .

  Next year, China will take over as the presidency of the BRICS countries and host the fourteenth meeting of the leaders of the BRICS countries. This will be our country's important home multilateral diplomatic event next year.

  Facing the future, Xi Jinping emphasized that China looks forward to working with BRICS partners to comprehensively deepen cooperation in various fields, build closer and more pragmatic partnerships, respond to common challenges, and create a better future.