A Japanese civic group criticized the revision of the expression 'comfort women' described in Japanese textbooks as "political intervention".

Fight for Justice, a civic group that operates an academic site for the Japanese military's comfort women, made this statement in a statement on the 13th.

Previously, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced on the 8th that it had approved an application for correction of the expressions 'comfort women in the wartime' and 'forced arrest' submitted by five textbook companies related to the technology of comfort women and conscripted workers during the Japanese colonial period.

Accordingly, the words 'comfort women', which removed the military service, meaning military involvement, and 'compulsory mobilization' or 'conscription', were replaced with the words 'compulsory mobilization' or 'conscription' for those who worked against their will during the Japanese colonial period.

Fight for Justice pointed out that the textbook publisher's request for correction is the result of government pressure, and that "it is absolutely unacceptable for the government to determine the interpretation and terminology of history and to intervene politically in textbook technology."