French presidential election in 2022: more than 100,000 registered to choose the environmental candidate

The primary of environmentalists will take place ©

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Delphine Batho, Yannick Jadot, Jean-Marc Governatori, Éric Piolle and Sandrine Rousseau are the 5 candidates for the primary of environmentalists in France.

The number of registrants to decide between them now exceeds 100,000. This is much more than in previous primaries.


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Substantial and courteous exchanges.

In one week, the three debates between the candidates on TV, radio and on the internet have tripled enrollments in primary school.

This success is in the wake of the good results of the Greens in the Europeans and in the municipal elections.

It is also obviously explained by the rise of environmental concern among the French.

More than 100,000 registered, that is six times more than in 2016. The primary environmentalist now interests beyond the small activist circle.

But who are these new registrants?

Which candidate seduced them?

Impossible to know until Sunday.

We are going blind,

 " commented on Eric Piolle's team.

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4 million voters in the right-wing primary in 2016

The possibility that registrants from opposing camps will disrupt the ballot does not really worry the ecologists.

The most important thing is that they are drowned in the mass

 ", explains the entourage of Yannick Jadot.

But despite everything, this success should be put into perspective.

In 2016, there were 2.5 million voters in the socialist primary and 4 million in that of the right.

The first round takes place from Thursday September 16 until Sunday September 19, 2021.


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