• Emma Raducanu triumphs at the US Open beating Fernandez: "It's a dream"

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    The tale of the very young: Raducanu and Fernandez win the final of the US Open


September 13, 2021The video of her message in Chinese has been viewed over a million times on the Chinese micro-blogging platform, and the hashtag dedicated to the 18-year-old "Chinese" winner of the US Open has garnered over 200 million views.

"It would be immensely popular if he participated in the China Open or the Wuhan Open," commented a Weibo user.

The tabloid Global Times, the newspaper known for its positions in defense of China on the international stage, also dedicated an article to the young tennis player. The profile of the Canadian-born tennis player with a British passport focuses on the maternal side of her upbringing: Raducanu is very interested in Chinese culture, she has visited Shenyang many times by her grandparents, and in the north-eastern city she also attended a table tennis gym.

The results achieved by the very young athlete, commented a Weibo user, may be inspiring not only for British tennis players, but also for Chinese tennis players. There are also those who already see the success of the British tennis player as a source of inspiration. "I'm from Shenyang too, and I'm proud of Emma's performance at the US Open. I want my daughter to learn tennis and be healthy, and Emma's story is a good example for her," a Chinese tabloid told the Chinese tabloid. woman identified with the surname Cui, mother of a three-year-old girl.