A name dispute has broken out over the admission of the party “dieBasis”, which emerged from the lateral thinker movement, to the upcoming federal election.

The integration association "Die Basis das Betreuungsnetzwerk eV" has announced a lawsuit against the lateral thinker party and calls on the federal returning officer not to allow the party to vote in this form.

The founder of the association, Victoria Baxter, distances herself from the values ​​and goals of the party: "This party, which emerged from lateral thinkers and opponents of the system, is confused with my association across Germany," says the German citizen of Ghanaian origin.

"Not only was the name stolen, but my articles of association were also taken over - slightly changed."

She has been criticized again and again in recent times for why her association has got together with lateral thinkers.

The purpose of "Die Basis - das Betreuungsnetzwerk eV" is, according to its own statements, to provide first aid for refugees and to look after refugee children, as well as to promote integration and help with repatriations to their home countries.

The “dieBasis” party, which was founded on July 4th, 2020, will run for general elections in all 16 federal states on September 26th. According to its own information, it already wants to have more than 27,000 members. In addition to calls for the end of the corona measures, the party also pleads for stronger monitoring of politicians.