Yesterday (13th) was the first day of the question of the government in the National Assembly, and here too, the ruling and opposition parties clashed over the allegations of accusation. The Democratic Party continued to fight with each other like this: "The gate of Yoon Seok-yeol who abused the prosecutor's authority" and the power of the people is "the gate of Park Ji-won, the duke of the National Intelligence Service."

This is reporter Kang Min-woo.

<Reporter> The

first day of the regular National Assembly questioning.

Democratic lawmakers urged a thorough investigation into the national flag disorder case, saying that the prosecution tried to make a plan and indictment ahead of last year's general election.

At the time, it was aimed at Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol and named it the 'Yun Seok-yeol Gate'.

[Min Byung-deok / Democratic Party Member: He said that he will become president now, breaking away from the level where the political prosecution was only working in the past.]

Justice Minister Park Beom-gye said that it is worrying just with the already revealed information, and especially, he nailed former President Yoon as a key investigation target.

On the other hand, the People's Power counterattacked that the 'suspicion of indictment' was an attempt by the National Intelligence Service to interfere in the election.

In particular, on the 11th of last month, before the first report of the news bus on the 2nd, Park Ji-won, the head of the National Intelligence Service, mentioned that he met the informant Mr.

[Kwon Seong-dong / People's Power Rep.: This is a case of illegal political manipulation and interference in the presidential election led by the head of the National Intelligence Service disguised as a accusation order. Only to kill Yun Seok-yeol, nothing more, nothing less.]

Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom surrounded Director Park, saying, "I can't predict," but "the rumors about the involvement of the NIS director are probably not true."

Last week, the Democratic Party accused each other of being of an organized obstruction of the investigation, and that the People's Power was an investigation with impure intentions for the suspension of the search and seizure by the Airborne Service of Rep. Kim Woong's office.