Bérénice Bourgueil 8:03 am, September 12, 2021

Every Saturday and Sunday, from 7:10 am, in "It concerns you", Roland Perez and Valérie Darmon enlighten us on a question of law.

Today, they are interested in false mediums and the risks incurred by fraudsters with the health pass. 

For several weeks, the presentation of the health pass has been required in France to eat in restaurants, take the train, go to the cinema, to museums, to the swimming pool and very soon this requirement will concern 12/17 year olds, 

and suddenly among the opponents for vaccines, many are those who obtain a false document or use the pass of a relative, what risk they and especially how to know it?

It is a question of very sophisticated frauds since it is a question of making manufacture a QR Code and then importing it in his vaccination record stored in his application "all anticovid".

To do this, you have to interfere in the digital interface of a doctor to spoof his sound.

Identity and request from the Primary Health Insurance Fund, this famous sesame, there is also the possibility of teaming up with a health professional who may also be opposed to vaccines, or just wishing to make ends meet, and the tour de pass pass is done.

The average cost to get a fake health pass is around 500 €, this coup tends to decrease as the offer seems plethora!

Easier and can be less risky, you will tell us, is to present the real health pass of a loved one by making believe that it is theirs?

The result is the same, it is a fake health pass for the one who presents it.

But it is true that the penalties are less severe.

135 euros for a QR Code which is not his, 1500 euros if you continue this little merry-go-round 15 days later and up to 6 months in prison and 3750 € fine, if the offense is repeated 3 times in one month!

And the same goes for if you sneak into a place that requires the pass, and you don't have it (on a train for example).

I understood that the penalties were even more severe, since it was about fraud, right?

You are right, in the circulars sent to the courts, it is advisable to qualify the offense of using a false health pass of fraud by using false quality of vaccine whose penalties are very heavy, 3 years in prison and 45,000 € fine.

It gets tough !!

And if I only lend my health pass to my sister, to a friend, what am I risking?    

Same sanction, you are spotted, you will have to pay the same fines and incur the same engraved penalties in the event of a repeat offense.

Obviously those who manufacture or participate in trafficking are more heavily punished, I imagine?

The offense is called detention and use of administrative fraud, or even swindle in an organized group with the key to penalties ranging from 5 years to 10 years in prison and a fine of one million euros, this who should deter perhaps the fraudsters.  

Investigations are underway where it appeared that vaccination center employees had participated in one or more trafficking of false vaccination certificates, and recently the court of his holy denials sentenced an employee of a vaccination center to 12 months jail for selling hundreds of QR codes on instant messaging. 

Last point Roland, traders or train controllers for example who ask for proof of this sesame, are not responsible for verifying if this pass is indeed that of the person who presents it, they do not ask for an identity card, suddenly frauds seem difficult to detect?

In trains, it seems more complicated because we can verify that the passenger is indeed who is shown on the ticket and therefore on the QR Code, at merchants, it is true that it is more difficult to confuse the fraudster, there is no in-depth investigation and fortunately, the trader is not a police officer, on the other hand traders or professionals who do not control the health pass are exposed to a formal notice and a possible temporary closure of their establishment as well as fines for repetitions.