A drama took place this Saturday in the courtyard of a property in Thizy les Bourgs (Rhône).

At the end of the morning, a two-year-old child died, after being run over by the car his father was driving.

As indicated by the Villefranche-sur-Saône prosecutor's office, interviewed by

Le Progrès

, "we are probably in an accidental case in view of the first elements at our disposal".

The prosecution specifies that the father of the family would have maneuvered with his vehicle in a yard under construction, and he would not have seen his only son.

In shock, he was hospitalized, and could not yet be heard, while an investigation was opened for manslaughter.

The mayor of Thizy les Bourgs, Martin Sotton, evokes "a terrible tragedy" for this family, which has lived for ten years in this small Rhône town.


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