Zelensky said that "Uzbekistan and Russia may break out of a full-scale war," and Russian diplomats responded one after another: Such remarks are not worthy of attention, and they are "more and more divorced from reality."

  [Global Network Reporter Zhang Jiangping] Ukrainian President Zelensky said on the 10th that a full-scale war may break out between Ukraine and Russia.

Based on reports from the Russian TASS and RIA Novosti news agencies, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharov hit back one after another on the same day: Lavrov said that such anti-Russian sentiment and indiscriminate remarks are not worthy of attention. Zakharova also believes that Zelensky's remarks are increasingly "different from reality."

  According to RIA Novosti, Zelensky claimed when attending the Yalta European Strategic Forum on the 10th local time that he believed that a full-scale war might break out between Ukraine and Russia.

He also believes that if the situation develops in this direction, "it will be Russia's biggest mistake."

  Zelensky's remarks quickly triggered a Russian response.

Lavrov said that day: "I think this kind of remarks is not even worthy of attention. We are used to these indiscriminate remarks that are full of anti-Russian sentiment."

  Zakharova also posted on the instant messaging software Telegram: "Zelensky's statement is getting more and more divorced from reality." Zakharova also said that Zelensky's remarks are "provocative and accusing." Clichés".

  According to a previous report by the Russian Satellite News Agency, Zelensky also believed that the responsibility for Ukraine and Russia to become an enemy lies with Russia.

"The problem is that today Russia's information policy regarding disrespect for Ukrainian independence. After that, the Ukrainian people's attitude towards Russia was destroyed. It doesn't matter at all." Zelensky said.

  Regarding Zelensky’s dissatisfaction remarks, Reuters mentioned that earlier this year, tensions between Russia and Ukraine increased.

The number of firefights between Uzbek government forces and civilian armed personnel in the east has increased.

Psillin, the head of the "Donetsk People's Republic" established by the Ukrainian civilian armed forces, said that the chance of solving the problem in eastern Ukraine through political means is very slim, and the Ukrainian government forces are ready to attack.

And Russia is gathering forces on the Ukrainian border.

The Kremlin denies threats by the Russian army, but emphasizes that the army will stay in the local area if appropriate conditions are assessed by relevant parties.

  In addition, Ukraine has been brooding about joining NATO. Reuters said that Ukraine’s request to join NATO would definitely anger Russia. In June of this year, Zelensky asked US President Biden to give a clear answer on Ukraine's membership of NATO's "Membership Action Plan." Soon after he made his statement, Biden said at a press conference that Ukraine could not join NATO yet, "it remains to be seen." Before the meeting with Biden in La Grange Villa in Geneva, Switzerland, Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized NATO for "spitting" on Russian interests in an interview, and said that Ukraine's membership in NATO was an untouchable red line for Russia.