Heiko Mußmann remembered howler monkeys from a trip to Peru.

In the Tampopata National Reserve he saw and heard howler monkeys in particular.

Although it was about the red howler monkey, he still considered the region-derived short name “Tambo” to be suitable when we were looking for a name for the first patent animal in the history of the FAZ in July.

The proposal met with the majority of votes among the readers and so Mußmann was invited to the zoo for Patentier Day, in which the FAZ can now also take part as the godfather of its howler monkey, whose gender is still not known.

Tambo continues to present himself too shy, but above all he still did not have to take advantage of any veterinary treatments in which the sex would be determined.

Daniel Meuren

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Even at the animal patent day, on which all those sponsors of the zoo who donate small three-digit to medium and high four-digit amounts to the zoo for self-selected sponsorships, Tambo was now rather hidden. 

Audience with Tambo

Together with Stefan Stadler, deputy zoo director, Heiko Mußmann therefore initially looked in vain for "his" howler monkey in the outdoor enclosure.

Later, when the animal patent day allowed Stadler some time, the long-time FAZ reader who had traveled from Leverkusen to get his audience at Tambo thanks to a short excursion behind the scenes.

At a reasonable distance the little howler monkey appeared, as usual with mother Lawa. "That was a successful day," said Mußmann, who, like many other sponsors, was also able to take part in a guided tour of Stadler.