It was during the morning walk that a dog owner found the dangerous buns, which Kvällposten was the first to tell.

The find was made in a park on Regementsgatan in Malmö near the city library and the dog owner immediately alerted the police.

Once in place, they found eleven pieces with some kind of metal pieces in them.

After we had talked to the woman, she took the dog to the vet because it got a bullshit, says police spokesman Filip Annas.

Classified as destruction

The dog attacks have repeatedly eluded the police and Malmö's dog owners since the end of last year.

The crime is classified as destruction, which means that someone spread poison, disease or something else in order to harm animals or plants.

- Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened.

No one is suspected or arrested in this case and we have not received any more cases during the day.

If you see something similar and suspect that it is dangerous, you are very welcome to contact the police on 11414, says Filip Annas.

In the clip below, you can see dog owners in Malmö who are worried and need to change their walking routines to protect their dogs.

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On Friday, there were reports that dog owners found even more home-baked buns spiked with broken glass on the streets of Malmö.

Photo: Jon Loman / SVT