China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Deputy Prime Minister Min in Vietnam on the 10th and announced that he would continue to support measures against the infection of the new coronavirus, while restraining the United States, which is strengthening its involvement in the South China Sea. ..

Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is visiting Vietnam, met with Deputy Prime Minister Min on the 10th.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, "We will continue to support measures against the infection of the new coronavirus," and will accelerate cooperation related to the "One Belt, One Road" giant economic zone initiative and East Asia. It is said that he expressed his intention to promote the early entry into force of RCEP = Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, in which 15 countries participate, centering on.

In response, Deputy Prime Minister Min said, "We would like to strengthen the cooperative relationship on vaccines and promote practical cooperation on" Belt and Road "."

On the other hand, regarding the South China Sea, where China is intensifying its expansion into the ocean, Foreign Minister Wang said, "We should not take unilateral actions that would expand the conflict, and we should be wary of and resist the involvement and provocation of external forces together." We have restrained the United States and other countries that are strengthening.

Foreign Minister Wang will also visit Cambodia, Singapore and South Korea after this.

High-ranking U.S. government officials are visiting Vietnam and Singapore one after another, and the Chinese government also aims to counter the movement of the Biden administration, which can be said to be a siege of China, by dispatching Foreign Minister Wang to strengthen relations. It seems that.