The Munmu the Great (4,400 tons), which was boarded by the crew of the 34th division of the Cheonghae Unit, where the mass infection of Corona 19 occurred, arrived in Korea 52 days after departing from Africa.

The Navy announced that 147 soldiers who were urgently dispatched to Africa arrived safely at the Jinhae Naval Base today (11th) with the ship Munmu the Great.

Emergency dispatched soldiers will return to their units after taking over the ships.

All of them were vaccinated, and after arriving in Korea, they all tested negative for COVID-19, so they will not be quarantined separately according to quarantine guidelines, a Navy official said.

The military authorities dispatched a transport plane to transport 301 crew members to Korea after a cluster infection occurred at the 34th base of the Cheonghae Unit in July.

In addition, a takeover team composed mainly of troops belonging to the Gang Gamchan was dispatched to take over the Munmu the Great, and the takeover team departed from the field on July 21 and sailed about 24,000 km so far.