The "Japan-Korea Exchange Festival" was held online to introduce the cultures of Japan and South Korea and deepen exchanges, and the person in charge of the event emphasized the significance of continuing cultural exchanges even in the severe situation of Corona.

The "Japan-Korea Exchange Festival" is held every year in Tokyo and Seoul with the support of the Japanese and Korean governments, but this year it will be held online following last year to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. it was done.

At the Korean Cultural Center in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, where the distribution was based, a Japanese jazz group performed live songs from a Korean male idol group, BTS, as well as pre-recorded Korean traditional percussion instruments. Etc. were delivered.

There was also a quiz tournament in which the general public selected by lottery participated, and participants were learning Korean culture while answering questions about K-POP and Korean food.

“I think it is important to continue cultural exchange in any way. We can walk together even in the unprecedented situation of the new coronavirus,” said Hwang Sung-eun, director of the Korean Cultural Center in Japan, who served as the steering committee chair. I want you to feel it, "he emphasized the significance of the event.