US research team report: Federal government official statistics missed nearly 16,000 deaths from new crowns in nursing homes

  According to a report in the US "Capitol Hill" on September 9, Harvard University researchers led by Karen Shen published a new study in "JAMA Network Open" that day report.

The research report shows that in the federal government's official statistics on the number of deaths from new crown pneumonia, nearly 16,000 deaths from new crown pneumonia that occurred in nursing homes in the months before the full outbreak of the new crown pneumonia have been omitted.

  It is reported that these missed reports of new coronary pneumonia deaths account for 14% of the total number of reported new coronary pneumonia deaths in nursing homes in 2020.

Researchers infer that the cause of the missing death toll may be the inability to collect data from nursing homes in the early stages of the epidemic, or the nursing homes concealed the death toll under pressure to reduce the number of confirmed cases and reports of deaths.

  After considering the number of unreported deaths, the researchers estimated that the proportion of deaths in nursing homes in New York State was about 8 deaths per 100 beds, compared with 5.5 deaths per 100 beds in California.

(CCTV reporter Yin Yue)