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Apple's keynote is approaching and rumors are rife about the iPhone 13. Release date, new features, design and price: here's everything we know about the Apple launch.

The information we have so far on the release of the iPhone 13

A traditional high-tech back-to-school meeting, the Apple keynote will take place on September 14.

This event called "California Streaming" will finally lift the veil on the mystery surrounding the iPhone 13. Given the habits of the Apple brand, the iPhone 13 should be offered for pre-order from September 17 for an arrival in shop on 24.

Like last year, Apple should offer 4 smartphones:

  • Apple 13 Mini 5.4 inch

  • Apple 13 6.1 inch

  • Apple 13 Pro 6.1 inch

  • Apple 13 Pro Max 6.7 inch

The specifics of the iPhone 13

Nothing has filtered out about the price of these high-tech little gems. The prices, between € 809 and € 1,259 for the iPhone 12, could however be revised upwards following the increase in the production cost of computer chips. On the design side, the notch on the screen will not disappear, but it will be more discreet. On the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it will be even smaller since the speakers will be placed in the frame of the phone.

The iPhone 13 should however gain in thickness and display a larger photo block. Moreover, on the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini, the photo sensors will be arranged diagonally. As for the charging port, it could simply disappear. Indeed, the European Commission requires the use of USB C which compromises the use of the Lightning port. The “MagSafe” wireless connector could thus make its appearance. Finally, the iPhone 13 will mark Apple's entry into the era of 120 Hz screens for the Pro and Pro Max versions.

While waiting for the arrival in store of the iPhone 13, eBay offers many promotions on new and refurbished iPhones.

Many versions are available and available in several finishes.

Screen size, storage capacity or even colors: everyone can find the iPhone that suits them.

With the Apple keynote scheduled for September 14, the iPhone 13 should be available for pre-orders on September 17 before arriving in stores on the 24th.

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