Ten days after the European recommendation, France removed the United States and Israel from the green list, and will impose additional restrictions for travelers from Sunday, according to a decree published in the Official Journal on Thursday. 

From Sunday, September 12, unvaccinated travelers from these two countries will have to test negative for the coronavirus, justify a compelling reason and respect a seven-day self-isolation.

For vaccinated travelers, this new classification does not change anything, they will not need a compelling reason or self-isolation.

Israel reopens its borders 

In the other direction, Israel, whose borders had been closed because of the Delta variant since early September, will reopen its doors to tourists from September 19. 

On the side of the United States, it is quite simple: the borders remain quite simply closed to tourists, vaccinated or not.

In addition, the Joe Biden administration has placed France on the blacklist and recommends that its nationals not go to France. 


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