Chinanews, September 9th. What is the overall situation of the country's flood situation this year?

The Minister of Water Resources Li Guoying said today that the flood situation this year is very different from previous years. The most prominent feature is the frequent occurrence of local extreme heavy rainfall, a wide range of influence, and strong disaster.

At the same time, affected by the autumn floods of the Han River, the No. 1 flood of the Yangtze River in 2021, and typhoons, this year's flood season is still continuing.

Data map: On September 7, the Three Gorges Dam opened a hole for flood discharge.

(Drone photo) Photo by Nie Shuang sent by China News Agency

  On the 9th, the State Council Information Office held a press conference to introduce water conservancy support to build a well-off society in an all-round way, and answered reporters’ questions.

  Regarding the overall situation of the country's flood situation this year, Li Guoying said that this year's flood situation is very different from previous years. The most prominent feature is the frequent occurrence of local extreme heavy rainfall, a wide range of impact, and strong disaster.

Take Beijing as an example. Since the beginning of this year, the accumulated rainfall in Beijing has reached 773 mm, while the multi-year average is only 522 mm at the same time. That is to say, the rainfall in Beijing this year is 48% more than the multi-year average.

  In addition, 501 rivers across the country exceeded the warning water level, 124 rivers exceeded the guaranteed water level, and 37 rivers exceeded the largest flood since the river itself has actual records.

Catastrophic floods occurred in the upper reaches of Heilongjiang for more than a month. Today, the Tongjiang section in the lower reaches of Heilongjiang is still in a state of over-alarm; the Songhua River basin has experienced large basin floods; the Haihe River Basin and the upper Weihe River have experienced catastrophic floods.

  Li Guoying said that in response to this situation, the water conservancy department is fully responding to this year's main flood season, the entire water conservancy system cancels vacations, and important positions are on duty 24 hours a day, mainly focusing on three things:

  First, strengthen forecasting, early warning, rehearsal, and pre-plan measures.

Since entering the main flood season, the Ministry of Water Resources has established a daily consultation mechanism to closely monitor the rain, water, flood, and construction conditions, issue early warnings in time, conduct real-time flood evolution previews and simulated dispatching of reservoir projects, and continuously improve the prevention and response plans to the whole country. All relevant regions issued instructions.

  In addition, scientifically dispatch water projects.

Dispatch 3467 reservoirs across the country into flood control operations, and store 92.5 billion cubic meters of flood water. At the same time, 11 national flood storage and detention areas will be opened to separate floods and reduce the downstream flood control pressure to a minimum.

Relying on combined dispatch, the inundation of 1,038 (times) cities and towns has been reduced, the area of ​​inundated cultivated land has been reduced by 12.67 million mu, and the transfer of 6.83 million people has been avoided.

  At the same time, effective prevention of flash flood disasters.

The Ministry of Water Resources, including the entire water conservancy system, is highly vigilant against mountain torrent disasters, makes timely forecasts, issues 250,000 flash flood disaster warnings to the county level, and issues 970 million warning messages to people responsible for flood control and people in areas threatened by floods to guide the grassroots government to be effective Organize the masses to avoid danger.

  Li Guoying further pointed out that today is September 9th. According to past practice, the flood season basically ends in July, especially at the end of August, but this year is different: August 30th, the Danjiangkou Reservoir of the Han River The arrival flood of 23,400 cubic meters per second marked the occurrence of autumn floods on the Han River; on September 6, the Three Gorges Reservoir area of ​​the Yangtze River ushered in a flood of 55,000 cubic meters per second, marking the No. 1 Yangtze River in 2021. Flooding occurred; on September 7, this year's No. 13 typhoon "Conson" was generated on the western Pacific Ocean and was advancing to the northwest. On the same day, this year's No. 14 typhoon "Santo" was also generated on the western Pacific Ocean. It is advancing to the northwest and is strengthening.

All this shows that this year's flood season is still going on.

  Li Guoying said that the water conservancy department will continue to maintain a high level of vigilance in the future, continue the working mechanism of the main flood season, strengthen forecasting, early warning, rehearsal, and pre-planning work, focusing on the dispatch of water projects and the avoidance of dangers in dangerous areas, and do their best to protect the lives of the people. Property safety.