How many people have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 varies by region.

Roughly speaking, the rise so far has been greatest in the south and east of the country and on the Wadden Islands.

View the vaccination rate per municipality here.

Just over 77 percent of adult Dutch people have now been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

85 percent of adults have had their first shot, according to figures published on Wednesday by the RIVM.

The map below, which is based on the RIVM figures, does not show exact percentages, but a certain range.

Vaccination attendance is lowest in Urk and highest in Schiermonnikoog.

Rotterdam has the lowest attendance of the four largest cities.

Only adult Dutch people are included on the map.

In the Netherlands, everyone aged twelve and older is eligible for a corona jab.

Around 40 percent of twelve to seventeen year olds have now been fully vaccinated.

People who have had two corona shots or one Janssen shot have been fully vaccinated.

People who have had one corona jab and have tested positive for the corona virus are also fully vaccinated according to government rules.

But in the statistics they fall into the 'first shot turnout' category.

Vaccination rate per municipality