• The results of the summer season are mixed, especially among restaurateurs and traders even if the latter were little impacted by the health pass.

  • On the other hand, the crisis did not lead to the feared wave of bankruptcy at one point, "the measures at any cost having borne fruit.


  • The president of the CCI of Bordeaux Gironde is more worried about labor shortages in the catering and construction industry and asks these sectors to be called into question.

A variable geometry summer for professionals in Gironde.

According to a study by the CCI Bordeaux Gironde, 47% of professionals surveyed among traders and CHR (Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants) qualify the summer season as "satisfactory, even very satisfactory", more among traders (54%) than in CHR (39%).

July would have been better than August.

Consequence of the health pass?

Some 79% of restaurateurs and cafetiers believe that its impact has been "strong, if not very strong" on their activity, and 83% estimate reductions of more than 20% in their turnover.

On the other hand, 80% of traders say that the impact of the health pass was neutral.

"The" whatever it costs "has borne fruit"

Eighteen months after the start of the health crisis, the CCI also drew up an initial assessment of the crisis for businesses in the Gironde. Curiously, “we have a lot less companies in difficulty than before, whereas we predicted phenomenal quantities of bankruptcies, assures the president of the CCI Patrick Seguin. On the perimeters of the commercial courts of Bordeaux and Libourne, we are at - 26% of companies which have put themselves under the protection of the court compared to 2018 and 2019. The "whatever it costs" has borne fruit. "

An "whatever the cost" which will gradually stop, since the solidarity fund must cease on September 30.

And after ?

“The aftermath starts on September 14 with the launch of the crisis exit committee, announces Patrick Seguin, which should provide support for the economic world.

We will have to do it on a case-by-case basis to study the files of companies which may encounter problems, for example those which would have difficulty in repaying an EMP (loan guaranteed by the State).


"During the crisis, employees spent more time with their families"

Nevertheless, if the economic health of companies in Gironde is "rather good" estimates the president of the CCI, there remains "a black point: recruitment. "" During the Covid crisis, employees, especially in catering and construction, spent more time with their families, realized that there was another life, and now there is a lack of labor. 'work', analyzes Patrick Seguin.

The boss of the CCI does not overwhelm (only) the staff.

“The bosses in these sectors must also offer something other than a fixed-term contract at the minimum wage, this involves salary increases, but not only, the new generations want a life project, benevolence.

There is a social transformation happening, and businesses need to be sexy.

The solution may be to give employees more freedom, for example by granting them evenings… ”


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