Three kills.

Three victims under the age of 20.

A passenger car as an artificial weapon.

Made in Porintie, Nokia.

The prosecution of regional prosecutor Pasi Vainio is hard.

Vainio believes that at the time of the crime, a 17-year-old young man killed three other young people on board a good year ago by driving his car towards the tree.

Prosecution is also rare.

It is more common for a driver who has caused another death to be convicted of aggravated death.

Again, police investigated the consequences of the driver “only” as aggravated death sentences.

The exceptional charge of murder is based on the simple rule of law that as an intentional act, homicide is always at least murder.

Vainio therefore considers that the defendant's conduct in the situation was intentional.

Police have not reported their estimates of the pace of the car at the time of the collision, but based on the number of fatalities and damage to the car, the driving speed was apparently harsh.

It turned out early on that the suspect had more than 1.2 per mille of alcohol in his blood.

Vainio's solution has been influenced by video and picture messages spread on social media and downloaded during a fatal drive.

Messages tell of events inside the car.

- These messages accumulated from the pre-trial investigation will be part of the prosecutor's evidence of the intent assessment made by the district court.

There are several pictures and videos, Vainio tells IS.

Vainio admits that this is a special case.

- This is perhaps rare in general when prosecuting an intentional homicide in a case involving one car.

This is certainly very rare in traffic offenses.

The defendant, who will soon be 19 years old, will be charged with aggravated drink-driving and aggravated road safety in addition to the three killings.

If the court finds that the defendant did not intentionally kill those on board, Vainio accuses him in the alternative of three aggravated deaths.

The charge is disputed because the defendant has denied the act.

According to the defendant, he has not acted as a driver in the drive-out.

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