China News Service, September 8th. According to foreign media reports on the 7th, a measles outbreak occurred at Fort McCoy Army Base in Wisconsin. The base received thousands of Afghan refugees.

Currently, all those who have been in contact with the infected person have been quarantined.

  According to reports, a case of measles was reported at Fort McCoy Army Base in Wisconsin.

A senior US government official confirmed that the measles case was discovered during a health screening process.

  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) describes measles as a "highly contagious" virus.

  An internal US government email stated that Fort McCoy is temporarily suspending the reception of evacuees from Afghanistan and is working to purchase vaccines.

But a spokesperson for the base said they are still receiving Afghan refugees.

The spokesperson said that they do not have the right to provide specific information on cases, but will provide Afghans with medical examinations and immunizations as needed.