The willingness to renovate among the average resident of Kalmar and Kronoberg County continues to rise.

It shows figures from Renoveringsindex which measure how much the Swedes renovate.

The index is based on statistics on utilized root deductions and trade in renovation materials.

- This indicates that many have chosen to spend their summer at home again this year, despite eased restrictions and a mass vaccination that has begun.

Whether what we see now is a trend that is here to stay or whether it decreases over time remains to be seen, says Mikael Holmstrand.

Increase since last summer

The figures show that the average krona miner renovated for SEK 1,100 in June, the corresponding figure for July is SEK 1,010.

The renovation index in Kronoberg rose by 6.7 per cent in June and 11 per cent in July compared with the same months in the previous year.

The average inhabitant of Kalmar County renovated for SEK 1,110 in June, the corresponding figure for July is SEK 980.

The renovation index in Kalmar County rose by 15.7 per cent in June and 13.4 per cent in July compared with last year.

- The figures show that there is still an increase in the willingness to renovate. There is no indication that it is about to slow down, but it will be exciting to follow developments in the future, says Mikael Holmstrand.