Back in a few weeks, as he promised.

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on France 5 this Monday evening, the socialist mayor of Marseille Benoît Payan affirmed that the President of the Republic would be back in his city on October 15, date on which "he will make announcements" , according to the city councilor.

“We are going to put things in place,” explains Benoît Payan to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

We will sign the creation of the company.


💭 “I think that the people who prepare Emmanuel Macron's files should update their files a little.” @ BenoitPayan, mayor of Marseille in # Cà Vous

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During his speech at the Pharo last Thursday, Emmanuel Macron indeed announced the creation in three months maximum of a public company of national interest to pilot the vast renovation project of Marseille schools.

The president had indicated that he wanted to return to Marseille in six weeks, as well as in February.

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, the Elysée has not yet confirmed this date of October 15 at the time of this writing.


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