China News Service, September 6th, a comprehensive report. On the 5th local time, a shooting occurred in a residential area outside Lakeland, Florida, USA. A veteran of the US Marine Corps who claimed to be a "survivalist" fired at 4 People died, including a 3-month-old baby who was killed in his mother's arms.

Data map: American police at the scene of the shooting.

  Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at a press conference that a woman reported to the police a suspicious vehicle parked outside her house on the evening of the 4th.

A police officer responded within 6 minutes, but no suspect or car was found.

  About 9 hours later, at about 4:30 am on the 5th, a police officer two miles away heard two gunshots.

The sheriff said that the officers responded and the police call followed.

  Judd said that after the police arrived at the scene, “seeing a person wearing a body armor, it looked like he was ready to fight all of us.” After the police arrived at the scene, the suspect ran back to the house.

  "At that moment, we heard another shooting sound, a woman's scream and a baby's cry." Judd said.

  A police officer tried to enter the front of the house, but the house was sealed off.

Judd said that the police officer then walked to the back of the house and entered. The suspect fired at him. The officer fired back and exited the house.

  Judd said that at that time, everything was quiet, and the suspect raised his hands and walked out.

The suspect was shot once and has been detained.

  Local police officers found 4 people dead at the scene, including a man, a woman and a baby in one house, and a woman in another house.

An 11-year-old girl was also shot multiple times and was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital for surgery.

The other child who was initially reported missing has been found and is still alive.

  "The gunman killed four people this morning and tried to kill our police officer, but he finally surrendered." Judd said, "When you see a beautiful 3-month-old baby boy dying at his mother's In her arms, she tried to protect the child, and she was killed, the child was killed, and the child's father was also killed—it was so cruel."

  Judd also stated that the suspect called himself a "survivalist" and admitted to taking methamphetamine.

"He came here to create a gun battle." Judd said, "we don't know why."

  Judd also said that the suspect is 33-year-old Brian Riley, who served in the Marine Corps for four years, was deployed to Iraq in 2008, and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010.

  "We are not dealing with traditional criminals here. We are dealing with people who have obvious mental health problems at least last week, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder," Judd said.