The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire said on Monday that he wanted the creation of a "presidential party" to bring the re-election of Emmanuel Macron to the head of France in 2022.

"I am in favor of the constitution of a presidential party which would bring together all those who want to support the candidacy of Emmanuel Macron", declared the former member of the Republicans on RMC / BFMTV.

Not yet a candidate ... but very desired

"I consider that the more the applications multiply, the more we must rally behind Emmanuel Macron if he decides to be a candidate.

The more we see the return of the old right-left divide which provides no solution to the country's problems, the more we, the majority, have to overcome this left-right divide, ”he added.

Sunday, LREM MEP Stéphane Séjourné, political advisor to Emmanuel Macron, pleaded for the creation of a “large French democratic party” bringing together “by the legislative elections” of 2022 the various components of the majority, in an interview in

the Sunday Journal


For Bruno Le Maire, the “ideological framework” of a presidential party would bring together “those who believe that the market economy works”, that “European construction is absolutely essential” and who “are totally committed to the struggle. against global warming ”.

Defending the balance sheet, especially economic, of the current five-year term, he estimated that “Emmanuel Macron needed five more years”.

"And I think that having a presidential party, which brings together all the components of the majority, is a way to give momentum to his candidacy," he insisted.


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