The new hospital, which is "flexibly built", is adapted to be able to adjust and adapt to new working methods, equipment and technology.

Dara Stomilovic is unit manager at the rehab unit at the hospital, and sees a great advantage in the fact that the operations now come so close to each other.

- We will be the ones who get to move into one of the new floors.

This will mean that we can have a larger patient flow, says Dara Stomilovic.


Hopefully we will be even better.

That it will be easier and clearer.

That all care that takes place around a patient is gathered, says Andreas Ranhem, operations manager at Västmanland Hospital Sala.

The hospital is planned to be ready in the summer of 2022 with occupancy in the autumn of the same year.

In the clip, Andreas and Dara talk about their thoughts on the new hospital in Sala.