, September 6th. According to the website of the Ministry of Education, in order to thoroughly implement the central government’s "Opinions on Further Reducing the Burden of Compulsory Education Students’ Homework and Off-campus Training" decision-making and deployment, the fundamental task of Lide’s cultivation of people will be implemented, and the off-campus will be fully strengthened. Training supervision and strengthening the management of off-campus training materials for primary and middle school students. The Ministry of Education has recently issued the "Administrative Measures for Primary and Secondary School Students’ Off-campus Training Materials (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrative Measures").

  The "Management Measures" focus on the implementation of the fundamental task of cultivating people in Lide, focusing on outstanding problems, focusing on the preparation and review of training materials, selection and filing, inspection and supervision, etc., clarify management responsibilities, improve management mechanisms, and provide self-edited training institutions for primary and middle school students All online and offline, disciplinary and non-disciplinary training materials put forward comprehensive specifications.

  One is to clarify the standards for editing and reviewing material content.

It puts forward clear requirements for the ideological, scientific and appropriate training materials, emphasizing that there should be no over-standard and advanced issues; listed twelve negative lists, emphasizing the need to keep the political bottom line, no ideological issues, and ensure the correct direction of educating people .

The second is to improve the qualification standards of relevant personnel.

Training materials compiling and researching personnel must have a firm political stand, fully implement the party's education policy, have been engaged in education and teaching related work for 3 years or more, and have a good ideological and moral character and social image; subject personnel should have corresponding teacher qualification certificates, non-disciplinary subjects The personnel shall have relevant industry qualification certificates or professional competence certificates.

Auditors should also have a higher level of policy theory and richer relevant education or training experience.

The third is to improve the review and check system.

The education administrative department of the approving training institution is responsible for the specific supervision work, and implements the classified management of online and offline, subject-based and non-subject-based training materials.

Subject training materials are double-audited by a combination of internal audits by off-campus training institutions and external audits by the education administrative department; among them, the education administrative department conducts a comprehensive review of the relatively fixed forms of basic materials for online and offline training when auditing. Conduct spot checks on training materials in the form of databases, videos, etc.

On the basis of the internal review of off-campus training institutions, the non-disciplinary training materials will be assisted by local education administrative departments to carry out random inspections and inspections.

In case of violations of training materials, the training institution shall be urged to rectify within a time limit, and be dealt with or investigated in accordance with relevant regulations.

  The promulgation of the "Management Measures" provides an important basis for training institutions to conduct self-inspection and self-inspection and standardize training behavior; provide basic follow-up for the supervision and inspection of education administrative departments at all levels, which will help comprehensively improve the quality of training materials and accelerate the construction of good education Ecology.