The conflict between the European Commission and Poland over the rule of law is one of the reasons Poland is still waiting for money from the European Union's corona recovery fund.

The committee is examining the consequences for the application, confirms responsible European Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis.

Poland has been waiting for the approval of the application since May, worth many billions of euros from the fund.

Meanwhile, Warsaw fueled a disagreement with Brussels over the authority of the European judge.

Poland asked the highest national court to rule that the Polish constitution ultimately takes precedence over European law.

After harsh language from Brussels, the verdict has been postponed time and again.

The committee tried to obscure the significance of the dispute over the rule of law for the assessment of the aid request so far, so as not to add fuel to the fire.

Last week, another European Commissioner already cautiously let go of that line, which led to angry words from Warsaw at the committee's address.

The Polish government spoke of blackmail.

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The EU does indeed take into account the Polish rule of law

"Indeed, we are also looking at the issue of the primacy of European law and the potential consequences for the Polish recovery plan," Dombrovskis said after consulting with the responsible ministers of the EU countries.

Poland is said to be "very well aware" of what the country has to do.

The EU has now approved eighteen applications from European member states.