French President Emmanuel Macron has become a hot topic for his candid answer to the 'salary' question, which may be sensitive.

On the 2nd local time, foreign media such as French CNEWS reported that President Macron visited an elementary school in Marseille, a city in southern France, and had a question-and-answer session with students.

While asking the president questions directly, a 10-year-old girl asked a question about salary, saying, "How much does the president earn a month?"

Then the other students in the classroom looked at President Macron with curious expressions.

It may be a sensitive question, but President Macron did not hesitate to answer honestly: "Before tax, you get 13,500 euros, and your actual income after tax is 8,500 euros."

This is roughly 18.55 million won before tax and 11.7 million won after tax in Korean money.

President Macron's deduction of €5,000 per month is due to the French tax policy, which imposes a high income tax on high-income earners.

▲ President Macron having a conversation with elementary school students at an elementary school in Marseille

Local media reported that questions and answers with elementary school students, including this question, were not coordinated in advance.

It is known that President Macron's answer to the salary only refers to the amount that is deposited directly into his account, excluding the amount required for courtesy as a head of state.

Meanwhile, Macron's current salary is said to be far below the income he earned when he worked at Rothschild, an investment bank.

According to the property declaration amount when Macron was appointed Finance Minister in 2014, before his inauguration as president, 2.4 million euros before tax (about 3.3 billion won) including annual salary and bonuses for 17 months from January 2011 to May 2012 alone ) is known to have received

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(Photo=YouTube 'France 24')