• Shared electric bikes and scooters will be available mid-September in Roubaix.

  • The operator selected for the one-year experiment is German Tier Mobility.

  • All vehicles are offered at the same price which corresponds to 10 euros per hour.

The schedule was respected for the launch of a shared scooter and electric bicycle service in Roubaix since, as promised by the city, “the multimodal mobility offer” will be available from September 17.

The German operator Tier mobility was selected among the few candidates who showed interest in the municipality's proposal.

For the launch, Tier mobility has gone all out since no less than 100 bicycles and 500 scooters, all electric, will be deployed on the territory of the city of Roubaix.

Not anywhere, however, the municipality insisting on not seeing the shared vehicles parked in an anarchic manner.

More than 200 “stations” have been demarcated throughout the city and it will only be possible to pick up or drop off a vehicle at one of these stations.

Ten euros an hour by bike or scooter

As also requested in the specifications, the operator has restricted the speed of his vehicles according to the sectors where they are used.

The maximum speed is set at 20 km / h, which is less than that authorized in France by law.

In the busiest areas, the user will even see his mount clamped at 8 km / h, barely faster than walking.

Finally, the price.

It will be the same whether you use a bicycle or a scooter.

One euro will be charged for the “unlocking” of the machine, then it will be necessary to pay 15 cents per minute of use.

So count 10 euros for an hour of rental.

In the European Metropolis of Lille (MEL), such a service did not yet exist.

The one-year experiment desired by the city of Roubaix should not be renewed or perpetuated if the MEL decided not to get involved, explained the town hall to

20 Minutes

last May.


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