Turkey ranked third in the number of international contracting companies with a total of 40 companies, after China (78 companies) and the United States (41 companies), and the evaluation of these companies was based on the revenues they obtained from their work abroad during the previous year, according to what was published by the News Record magazine engineering.

Turkey ranked third in the world on the list of "the best 250 international contractors in the world" for the year 2021, which included 40 Turkish contracting companies.

The Turkish newspaper "Yenisafak" reported that 7 Turkish contracting companies were ranked among the top 100 companies on the list according to the revenues of their international projects, and Turkey's share of the global market for construction companies reached 4.4%, with total revenues estimated at about 18.3 billion dollars, topping the list. Eighth in the country ranking.

The newspaper pointed out that the activities of Turkish companies are concentrated in Europe (about 8 billion dollars in revenues), followed by the Middle East (5.9 billion dollars), and Russia was the largest market.

Turkey was the second-placed United States by one company, and following assessments by the world-renowned Engineering News Record magazine, Ardal Eren, President of the Turkish Contractors Association, stated that Turkey warmly congratulated overseas contracting companies and technical consultants on their achievements.

Erin pointed out that the success achieved by these companies is very important, despite the exceptional circumstances that the world has experienced recently due to the epidemic, which led to a decline in the market and an increase in competition.

The newspaper quoted the head of the Turkish Contractors Association as saying, “Our country ranked third in the world after both China and the United States, thanks to the offers made by our companies. We are even more proud that 34 of the 40 listed companies are members of our association. We consider ourselves a center for contracting services abroad as the Turkish Contractors Association."

The United States, ranked second, surpassed Turkey by one company (European News Agency)

New projects abroad

Given that major infrastructure projects that will support the recovery of the global economy during the coming period represent a source of hope, Eren stressed that "our goal and our project that we put forward before the start of the pandemic is to obtain new annual projects worth $20 billion abroad in the short term, and in the medium term we are We aim to implement new projects worth 50 billion dollars annually abroad."

"The international success of our contractors and consultants means more foreign currency inflows into our economy and more job opportunities for the Turkish workforce, while increasing our exports of services and goods," he added, noting that Turkey's global achievements are an important resource for its economy.

Contraction of the international construction market

According to a report published by the "Engineering News Record" magazine entitled "The trend towards reviving the market", the international construction market witnessed a decline of 11% in 2020 compared to the previous year, with revenues dropping from 473.1 billion dollars to 420.4 billion dollars, mainly due to the pandemic. COVID-19 has prevented the companies that top the list from recovering.

The magazine indicated that this market contraction is the largest since 2003, and added that many international contracting companies have taken steps to make their operations more flexible after a year and a half since the outbreak of the epidemic.