China News Service, September 5, according to comprehensive foreign media reports, on the morning of the 5th local time, gunfire broke out in the center of Conakry, the capital of Guinea, near the presidential palace, resulting in at least two injuries.

Russian Satellite Network said that there was an "attempted coup" in Guinea, but this news has not been confirmed.

  Reuters reported that fierce gunfire broke out near the presidential palace, at least two people were injured, and military vehicles patrolled the street.

  A senior government official said that 83-year-old President Conte was not injured.

A military source said that the gunfire was related to "angry special forces members", but did not explain what caused the anger.

  Agence France-Presse quoted local residents as saying that soldiers could be seen on the streets after hearing continuous gunfire.

The soldiers called on the residents to return and stay at home.

  Russian Satellite Network quoted a report from the "Youth Africa" ​​magazine that an "attempted coup" occurred in Guinea, but this news has not been confirmed.

  Currently, there is no explanation for this incident, and the Guinean authorities have not yet commented on the incident.