Chinanews client, Beijing, September 5 (Peng Ning Ling Lang Lang) "Have you downloaded the National Anti-Fraud Center APP?" Recently, the "Anti-Fraud Police Officer Lao Chen" in police uniform and upright appeared on the short video platform The major live broadcast rooms carried out PK and sent out "soul torture" to "Xichang Yuhuatian", "Monkey King", and "Women's Big Brothers".

  Just when everyone said that they didn't break the law with a dazed, startled, and frightened look, Old Chen promoted the National Anti-Fraud Center app to everyone.

In the following few days, "President Old Chen" became popular on the Internet, and its number of fans on the short video platform rose from more than a thousand to nearly 3.6 million.

  Why did this wave of anti-fraud propaganda become popular quickly?

What kind of experience is it like to become a "net celebrity police officer"?

On the 5th, conducted an exclusive interview with Chen Guoping, an anti-fraud police officer of the Haigang Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, the "police officer old Chen".

  43-year-old Chen Guoping said that he is actually a bad word in life, but speaking with the "heart" can achieve unexpected results.

"Old Chen" connects with "Monkey King". How long have you been engaged in anti-fraud propaganda work?

  Chen Guoping: Our anti-fraud center was established in 2017 in order to adapt to the new environment, and I also started to engage in anti-fraud work at this time.

Anti-fraud propaganda is in 2018, and the live broadcast will start on September 3, 2020.

Chinanews: It is rare to see police live broadcasts. What inspired you to use this method of publicity?

  Chen Guoping: At the very beginning, we saw the masses of people move to the We Media, and we aimed at anti-fraud, which is a new type of cybercrime, and adopted a new type of We Media propaganda.

In 2018, we wrote, directed and acted by ourselves, and adapted them into film and television dramas with real cases.

  But after all, there are certain limitations in making short dramas. It requires funding and time. We are not professional, and we use our spare time. It may take a month or a few months to produce a film. Many people ask, your update is too slow. No, everyone is particularly anxious.

  I am also anxious.

In September last year, the government affairs account had a live broadcast function, and we were basically the first batch to come in.

  In contrast, the live broadcast time is very convenient, the number of live broadcast rooms is huge, and the scope of transmission has also expanded. In the past, this kind of transmission may be for a certain area of ​​a certain city, but now it is for the whole country.

In addition, live broadcast has a great advantage. Live broadcast can contact the people face to face, shorten the distance between the police and the masses, and is very grounded.

Chinanews: Why did you think of the propaganda method of live broadcast "PK"?

  Chen Guoping: "Bottlenecks" appeared in the live broadcast.

Because we are always saying that everyone is used to it, and the number of fans has dropped, so I wondered how to increase the number of fans.

"Lao Chen" connects with "West Plant and Flower".

Chinanews: What is the number of fans at this time?

  Chen Guoping: It was around 1,000 at that time.

  I saw a funny anchor, and he just entered the scene: I am a mentor so-and-so, what anchor are you?

In fact, he is not like a mentor at all, I think this is a contrast, then can I say, I am an anti-fraud anchor, what kind of anchor are you?

  The first PK subject was an anchor who pretended to be a man disguised as a woman. The effect was okay, but not so good.

The second time, I entered the live broadcast room of "Factory Flower". After I came back that day, I recorded a screen, and I sent it back, and the video "exploded".

  At the same time, the platform found the effect. They arranged a live broadcast on the same day. It was not deliberately arranged. The PK people were randomly selected, but they may have given a certain amount of traffic.

Everyone watched the video and thought it was particularly fun, so many people came, and the live broadcast was "exploded" after it was over.

The next day, Douyin and Kuaishou came again, and the live broadcast that day lasted more than 6 hours.

Chinanews: What is the concept of 6 hours?

Is live streaming your official job?

  Chen Guoping: Usually, a live broadcast is usually 3 hours.

  There is no fixed time for our live broadcast.

I am a grassroots police officer. My main job is to solve crimes. I work normally during working hours. Because telecommunications fraud is generally not local, I used to be basically 365 days a year, and I had to travel for more than 200 days.

  For example, live broadcast is a propaganda work, which is carried out in the spare time of returning home from get off work.

Doing things as tasks and work will be tiring, but doing things as feelings and hobbies will make you happy and relaxed.

Chinanews: Will anyone question your police identity at the beginning?

  Chen Guoping: Certainly.

Everyone will doubt the identity, but it is true.

No matter what we are, do you think what we are doing is particularly good for the common people?

  We also considered certain risks at the beginning, because live broadcasts are not like recorded broadcasts, and there may be wrong words, but new types of cyber crimes are changing. We must not fall behind and be beaten. We must keep up and keep up with the times.

We civil servants must have a sense of responsibility and responsibility. We can't say that there is a risk, and we will not do it.

Chen Guoping is conducting anti-fraud propaganda work.

Photo courtesy.

Chinanews: What other difficulties will you encounter besides this?

  Chen Guoping: I can't talk about difficulties, but in fact, I am a person who is not good at presentation and not very talkative.

I have been a soldier for more than ten years and grew up in a more serious environment.

  But I have summarized a lot of languages ​​from my work. These languages ​​may not be seen in books, but we speak from the heart.

Everyone has said my language, it is a "soil".

"Soil" can talk to the people together, make them understand, and be grounded.

  When making a short play, my friend also told me that we will act with our heart and act as you in the role by ourselves.

So I did not encounter any difficulties.

Chinanews: What is the direct impact of the live broadcast?

  Chen Guoping: Propaganda is invisible.

It is not like a crackdown, which is proved by the number of cases.

  But there are indeed many people who have read our propaganda and learned of some scams. They will tell us that I was not deceived. I know this. I learned it from Lao Chen's live broadcast room.

  There are tens of thousands of people in the live broadcast room, and there must be a few people who will avoid the risk of being deceived through our propaganda. The number of fans of "Police Officer Lao Chen" is currently close to 3.6 million. Is that in your expectation?

  Chen Guoping: We didn't expect the fans to skyrocket.

  In fact, we are going step by step. My feeling is that traditional propaganda has limitations and cannot be absorbed into the mind. For example, if you give you a flyer on the street and shout on the loudspeaker on the street, everyone may be busy and don't want to watch it.

But the live broadcast is particularly novel. It is a kind of interaction. It can grab your heart, and everyone feels fun.

Chen Guoping gave a lecture on anti-telecom fraud knowledge at Yanshan University.

Photo courtesy. Some people call you an "Internet celebrity policeman", what do you think about this title?

  Chen Guoping: Whether it's an Internet celebrity or an ordinary person, it's me when I put on the "vest", and it's me when I take off the "vest".

Red is also me, and not red is also me. We must continue to do this. There is no difference here.

  What we should think about is, should this thing be done?

Do it boldly if you should.

Cognition is one's own perception, and what my perception considers me is what I am.

Chinanews: What is your anti-fraud propaganda goal?

  Chen Guoping: My goal is to "anti-fraud by the whole people, without fraud in the world."

We need to improve the prevention environment. Through propaganda, more people know and more people propagate, so that everyone knows the knowledge of preventing fraud and knows how to prevent it.