In the United States, the number of hospitalized patients and deaths due to COVID-19 is at the highest level since last winter's pandemic.

The New York Times reported that as of the 4th (local time), the average daily number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the United States for the past 7 days was 102,285, a 12% increase from two weeks ago.

In addition, the average daily death rate during this period increased by 53% to 1,544.

Both indicators are the highest since last winter.

The New York Times analyzed that the death toll surpassed 1,500 for the first time since March this year, a fivefold increase from the beginning of last month.

The number of hospitalized patients also nearly tripled in July and doubled last month, local media reported.

While the rate of increase in new confirmed cases has slowed somewhat, the rate of increase in the number of inpatients and deaths is relatively high.

This phenomenon is due to the effect of 'delta mutation', and the number of hospitalized patients has surged, causing the same medical system crisis as last year, local media reported.

Florida has the highest number of hospitalizations among the 50 states with 15,000 hospitalizations, and Georgia has the highest number of hospitalizations since the pandemic.

In Hawaii, the number of COVID-19 deaths in a single day is the worst on record, and the state of Kentucky is planning to ask the state legislature to extend the state of emergency until January next year.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)