In preparation for the South Korean presidential election in March next year, the ruling Democratic Party of Korea has begun full-scale internal elections to select official candidates.

We are planning to decide the official candidate early next month.

In the intra-party elections of the innovative ruling party "Democratic Party of Korea" that supports the Moon Jae-in administration in South Korea, votes are cast for each region, and the results are aggregated for the official candidate for the presidential election in March next year. To decide.

The election will

be contested by six people, including

Lee Jae-myung, who is the governor of Gyeonggi-do near Seoul, and Lee Nak-yon, who

has been the prime minister and party representative. ..

On the 4th, the first polling place was set up in Taejong (Daejeon) in the central part, and party members cast one vote one after another.

According to the opinion poll of Gallup Korea released on the 3rd, Lee Jae Myeong is the most suitable person for the next president, with 24% of the support, and Lee Na Kyung, who is second in the ruling party. 16 points lead.

The Democratic Party of Korea is planning to decide on official candidates early next month.

Meanwhile, 15 people, including Yoon Seok-you, who resigned as prosecutor-general in conflict with the Mun administration, are running for the internal election of the largest conservative opposition, "People Power Party," in November. We are planning to decide the official candidate.

In the latest poll

The Korean polling agency, Gallup Korea, announced on the 3rd the results of the latest poll, which asked about the right person for the next president.

According to it, the governor of Gyeonggi Province, Lee Jae Myeong, who belongs to the innovative ruling party “Democratic Party of Korea”, is ranked first, and is supported by 24% of the respondents.

Next, former prosecutor Yun So-gyeol, who joined the largest conservative opposition, "People Power Party," received 19% of support.

In addition, former Prime Minister Lee Na-kyung of the Democratic Party of Korea, also known as the "Democratic Party of Korea," accounted for 8%, and Hong Jun-pyo of the "People Power Party" who ran for a conservative party in the last presidential election. Cassotte) Congressman continues at 6%.

On the other hand, 32% of the respondents do not know who they support at this time, and half of them under the age of 30.

Regarding the presidential election next year, 49% want to win the opposition candidate for the change of government, and 37% want to win the ruling party candidate to maintain the government.