▲ Reese Witherspoon joins a statement criticizing the Texas abortion ban

Celebrities in the U.S. have criticized the Texas abortion ban, which bans abortions for women after six weeks of pregnancy.

According to the American entertainment media Deadline on the 4th of local time, more than 100 stars joined a signature campaign criticizing the Texas abortion ban, and some proposed a boycott campaign calling for entertainment workers to stop working in Texas.

Hollywood actor Kerry Washington posted on social media asking for the signature of a petition with Texas women, saying, "We must be able to decide for ourselves our health and our future."

More than 100 popular actors and pop stars, including Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, Dua Lipa, St. Vincent, and Pink, signed a petition calling for abortion rights.

Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Arquette proposed a Texas boycott via social media.

"Texas' abortion ban is not for women," he said.

Popular writer Megan Kelly Hall has urged all celebrities to cancel their Texas schedule.

Democrat supporter Alyssa Milano told the Los Angeles Times that companies that finance Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas should also be boycotted.

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