Hungary-England match: tension after racist insults against English players

Hungarian supporters during the England-Hungary match, September 2, 2021 © CARL RECINE / REUTERS

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Tensions are mounting between London and Budapest.

This Friday, September 3, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson strongly criticized the behavior of Hungarian fans during the Hungary-England match Thursday night in Budapest, which the English won 4-0. The

Three Lions

 were booed from the start of the match, as they kneeled on the ground, a symbol of the fight against racism.

Hungarian supporters then insulted them and then imitated the cry of the monkeys.


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With our correspondent in Budapest,

Florence La Bruyère


 It is unacceptable that English players have been subjected to racist abuse

 ," said Boris Johnson indignantly.

The English Prime Minister urged FIFA to "

take strong action against those responsible to ensure that this kind of shameful behavior is eradicated for good


Boris Johnson's statements were not appreciated in Budapest.

The tenant of 10 Downing Street has taken a theft of green timber from members of the Hungarian government.

The majority of Hungarian fans have behaved well, say the Hungarian Football Association.

Those who threw objects on the ground will be punished, assures the Federation, while being careful not to condemn racist insults.

On the government side, the Hungarian Foreign Minister bluntly accuses the English of "



He recalls that during the Euro final in London, the English fans whistled the Italian footballers so much that we could not even hear the anthem of their country.

They did not have to provoke our supporters


As for the historian Maria Schmidt, main ideologue of the regime of Viktor Orban, she published a scathing letter to Boris Johnson on social networks.

 You English people have colonized countries for centuries.

The Hungarians never colonized anyone.

 "Anyway, what happened, it is in his eyes the fault of the English:"

 They did not have to provoke our supporters by kneeling on the ground

 ", adds this ultra-nationalist historian, who concludes in a scathing tone: “ 


Boris Johnson, you run a small country in ruins, and you had better sweep outside your door.


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This is not the first time that Hungarian spectators, and in particular the Carpathian Brigade, a group of ultra-nationalist supporters, have been talked about.

During the Euro in 2021, they had already been singled out for their racist behavior on the sidelines of matches against Portugal and France.


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