Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon suddenly left the office during the city council's rectification.

The Democratic city councilor criticized and tried to explain Mayor Oh's YouTube video, but he complained that he did not get a chance to speak, and reporter Lee Ho-gun covered it.


This is a YouTube channel run by Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon.

In the broadcast on the 26th of last month, Park Won-soon, the former mayor of the rental housing policy, was harshly criticized for being negligent.

The Democrat-majority city council was not idle.

A special meeting of the city council held today (3rd). A Democratic lawmaker puts high-ranking officials, including the mayor of the Seoul administration, on the platform and shouts.

The YouTube video maliciously distorted the facts and criticized it even like the state government nongdan situation.

[Lee Gyeong-seon/Seoul City Council Member (Democratic Party): We will check until the end with the eyes of the citizens so

that this does not lead to Oh

Soon-sil's municipal administration nongdan.]

When Assemblyman Lee went down without giving Mayor Oh a chance to answer, Mayor Oh directly Step up as you speak.

[Sehun Oh / Mayor of Seoul: Please turn on the microphone. (We'll do it next time.)] No opportunity to

speak even after repeated requests,

[Oh Se-Hoon / Mayor of Seoul: What are you afraid of so you do it and then go down? (No, this is because I am afraid now.)]

Mayor Oh leaves the plenary hall when he does not listen to him until the end.

[Sehoon Oh / Mayor of Seoul: (Mayor, please enter.) If I do this, I will not answer any questions about the administration in the future. (Yeah, come in.) I'm leaving.]

Finally, after two hours of a two-hour pause, I got my say.

[Sehun Oh / Mayor of Seoul: The YouTube of Gyeonggi Province Governor Jae-myung Lee is almost similar to my YouTube. There is no problem at all about the production method you raised the issue.]

Of the 110 members of Seoul City Council, 100 are from the Democratic Party. The conflict between Mayor Oh and the city council, which has continued to coexist in an unstable way, is beginning to surface in earnest.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok, Video editing: Kim Seon-tak)