A boat exploded on August 28 in the port of Saint-Pierre, in Hyères (Var).

The outboard crew were filling up with gasoline when the boat caught fire.

A woman on board was seriously burned.

According to the first elements of the investigation opened after this incident, the accidental track would be privileged, reports LCI.

Four people injured

"It would perhaps be and according to the statements of the person in charge of the service station of the port of an omission of ventilation of engine bilge after addition of fuel and in combination with an engine failure detected by the owner of the boat", a declared to our colleagues the prosecutor of the Republic of Toulon, Bernard Marchal.

The magistrate specifies that the poor ventilation of the hold associated with the forced starting of the boat caused a spark.

The fire started because of fuel vapors.

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The seriously injured woman had been evacuated in absolute urgency to the hospital.

Her husband suffered from pain in his foot and the couple's 14-year-old daughter was in shock.

A fourth person present at the scene had been slightly injured by the blast of the explosion.

Two other boats were damaged by the flames.


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